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    Veterinaris Montuiri - dental cleaning

    When we think of a dental cleaning for our pets comes to mind our image at the dentist, sitting in a chair, with our mouth open and collaborating barely without complaining.

    In dogs and cats we must perform dental cleanings under anesthesia, since no animal would keep still.

    We recommend a previous pre-anesthetic visit, to know the general condition of the animal, we perform a cardiac and pulmonary auscultation, review the teeth to see if there are supernumerary pieces, ie, milk teeth that overlap permanent teeth, or predict how many teeth are in bad condition, which we should draw. We also recommend a blood test, which consists of an hemogram, a blood biochemistry and clot tests to detect problems that may complicate anesthesia and the animal health.

    Many animals are geriatrics at the time of raising a clean mouth and all these tests help us to offer greater anesthetic safety and to adapt it to each patient.

    The day of the dental cleaning, the animal should come fasting and is admitted in the hospital, we put him a vein catheter to administer the sedation and then the anesthesia with inhaled gases through an endotracheal tube.

    During anesthesia, animal’s vital signs are monitored and the animal receives intravenous fluids.

    Once anesthetized, we can check the mouth of the dog or cat completely to detect other abnormalities that have not been observed when he was awake, as tooth fractures, loose teeth, gingivitis... We will remove accumulated tartar by ultrasounds, will remove affected teeth, and will assess the state of the gums.

    Veterinaris Montuiri - dental hygiene

    Most animals have plenty of tartar and often pus, so sometimes they must receive prior treatment with antibiotic or after cleaning. Finally we clean the rest of tartar from the mouth and apply a disinfectant to gums.

    When remove the anesthesia we continue to monitor the animal until full recovery. They remain hospitalized a few hours until he wakes up and is able to walk.

    The same day he can go home and start eating after a few hours, unless otherwise indicated.

    Remember that until November 6 in Montuiri Veterinaris we are in dental campaign, so do not hesitate to come in to check your pet's teeth so he can wear a nice smile and stay healthier.


    Verónica López


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