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    Veterinaris Montuiri - ca hospitalitzat

    Boby is an 8 years old dog that was presented at the Hospital one night with abdominal pain and weakness, he had his diner as usual but after a while the owners noticed that he was walking shrunk and didn’t want to get up and took him to the Hospital.

    In the physical exam his pulse was weak and had pale mucous membranes indicating that the animal was in shock, abdominal pain and a possible abdominal mass was detected. Carry on with the examination we detected only one testicle in the scrotum. According to the owners, since he was born Boby had only one testicle.

    Veterinaris Montuiri - alta

    With these findings we suspected that the mass felt in the abdomen could be the other testicle, so we performed blood test, an ultrasound and abdominal radiographs.On ultrasound we confirmed the presence of a mass compatible with the testicle that had an  altered structure and it was also twisted, ie he had turned on itself and blood vessels were occluded, this caused pain and shock in Boby . In the blood test there was mild anemia, but kidney and liver function was normal, so we hospitalise Boby to stabilize him and to be operate on a few hours later.

    During the surgery, the testicle in the abdomen was removed, it was actually twisted. The testicle was larger than normal and the structure was altered by a tumor. The testicle was sent for biopsy and the result was Sertoli cell tumor or sertolinoma.

    Boby was in the hospital  two days more and then was able to go home. After 10 days he returned to the clinic for the last check up and remove the stitches.

    Veterinaris Montuiri - tumor testicular

    Testicular tumors are fairly common in dogs of certain age and are more common in cryptorchid testes, cryptorchid are those testes that have not descended into the scrotum and are in the inginal area or even in the abdomen. There are three types of testicular tumors: Sertoli cell tumors, seminomas and Leydig cell tumors, different tumors often occur in the same testicle. The Sertoli cell tumors secrete estrogen, which can cause anemia and feminization (breast enlargement, alopecia, attracting other males, prostate problems). Only 15% of Sertoli cell tumors metastasize, so most dogs are cured removing the testes.

    Testicular torsion is a infrequent process and has no clear cause, it can be given in testicles in the scrotum but is more common in intra-abdominal testicles with tumors. The most common symptoms are abdominal pain, weakness, swelling of the scrotum, bloody urine, lameness and shock. In the case of Boby the most likely cause was the increase in testis size due to the tumor.

    Veterinaris Montuiri - massa abdominal

    As we have seen, it is very common that  undescended testes end up developing tumors. Therefore it is very important to identify which animals are monorchid (an undescended testicle) or cryptorchid (both undescended testicles) so they are up to 20 times more likely than normal dogs for developing tumors or other problems such as testicular torsion, which can have life-threatening complications for the animal.

    The easiest way to prevent these diseases is castration, so also prevents these dogs reproduce, as cryptorchidism is genetically transmitted, and prevent other diseases such as prostate problems.

    Boby’s history had a happy ending because the owners realized the seriousness of the process and rushed to hospital.

    This month take advantage of our sterilization campaign to neuter your dog or cat and thus avoid testicular and prostate disorders and behavior problems such as marking, aggression, escapes. Come to Veterinaris Montuïri and we will recommend you the best for your pet.


    Laura Gomila.

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